Casa Deli products are sold by Ville Hämäläinen

People like products Casa Deli, founded by Rafael Ladrón de Guevara, imports Spanish-style confectionery products to Finland. Products are sold in grocery stores and cafes. They are carefully selected and suitable for Finnish flavors. K-Market Jätkäsaari in Helsinki...

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Casa Deli offers unique confectionery products

"We do not compete with others" Casa Deli imports high quality Spanish and European products to cafes, restaurants and grocery stores. Selected confectionary products are close to Finnish taste and they have conquered the hearts of Finns. Today they have more and more...

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Casa Deli charms the Finns – Growth is a dream

Casa Deli imports Spanish and European confectionery products to cafes, restaurants and grocery stores in Finland. Carefully selected products close to Finnish taste have conquered Finnish hearts, and Casa Deli’s success is growing rapidly as new customers...

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